Terms & Conditions

This document takes effect retroactively across client projects, such that they will be automatically
opted into the new terms and conditions unless they specify otherwise that they wish to withdraw
from the agreement. In this instance they have THIRTY (30) DAYS in which that they can with draw
from the agreement without any issue, should they not withdraw it will be assumed on all parties
that they continue their agreement with the company.

This updated terms and conditions document seeks to clarify what can and cannot be commissioned
from the company and will lay out the terms to which all clients and the business must adhere to as
well as the conditions to which all actions must be carried out.

The terms

1) Clients can commission photographical, videographic ,web designed works and custom personal computer builds from the
company, all projects are able to be both “Safe” and “Adult”. Public safe is
considered to be the mainstream of media, so traditional photoshoots, videos and more,
whereas Adult is considered to be the more adult based content.

2) Prices for projects are based on individual circumstances involved within the project(s) and
do not represent what you may be charged in comparison to someone else.

3) Prices are negotiable to up to 30% lower than the original price offered, but this is only
expressly given at the discretion of the company

4) Clients wishing to take Safe commissions must pay 25-50% of the agreed price before
the project with the remainder to be paid on completion before the final project is
Clients wishing to take the Adult commissions must pay 100% of the agreed
price up front and will receive their media in one week from the agreed shoot/completion
date. The fee’s described in this section are to be treated as a deposit.

5) All projects from the date of enactment of this document will be subject to a £10 increase to
cover the appropriate licencing for specific software that is used for the creation of the

6) Refunds for projects are available if requested for a number of reasons, these will usually
exclude the deposit paid to the company, in certain circumstances the company may choose
to waive the exclusion on the deposit and return the full amount. Refunds cannot be given
for if the commissioner expresses “Buyers remorse” etc.


Convention specific terms

The terms set out in this paragraph are specific to Muttbox’s operations at conventions around the world where a Muttbox official is in attendance and carrying out business under the Muttbox name.

As such, clauses 3 & 4 of the standard terms and conditions are considered not in effect at conventions and are subsequently replaced with the following amendments.

Clause 3) Prices at conventions are fixed by Muttbox and only vary based on the Muttbox official assigned to the commission. Payments must be made in the month prior to the convention.
For example, with ConFuzzled 2020, payments must be made no later than May 1st 2020.

Clause 4) As with the above clause 3, payments are fixed value and must be paid in accordance with the terms of Clause 3 of the convention specific terms and conditions. With any Adult commission, prices are to be discussed with Muttbox staff directly via email (see below) and the quote given is final. Payments must be paid in accordance with the terms above.


The conditions

In all projects undertaken by the company, clients are expected to agree to the following. Failure to
do so may result in termination of your commission.

• Clients agree to display public accreditation (either via watermark or written description,
depending on media used) without fail, failure to do so will result in a takedown notice.

• Clients are not permitted except when given permission to do so to remove watermarks or
display unwatermarked copies of any media.

• Where prints of photographs have been made available, clients are permitted to own a copy
without a watermark, however the print will have a unique ID affixed to the reverse to
identify it. Typically all prints will carry the Muttbox watermark, but this can be
removed for a flat fee of £10.

• Clients are permitted to display any media they display online, in print or other mediums
with appropriate accreditation, they are also permitted to sub-license the works to
publishing media (newspapers, magazines etc) so long as they provide accreditation and
contact details are passed to Muttbox.
Clients are also permitted to transfer the
license to another user, but must contact the company to ensure they are aware of the

These terms and conditions may be subject to change without warning and this document will be
updated to reflect that.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email with the provided email below and we will
endeavour to answer any questions you may have.

Email: jayson@muttbox.co.uk