Copyright 2019 JaysonHusky

Notice of effect
This document, as written, enacts a license between parties that is considered in effect from January 1st 2018 and applies to all content created, distributed or otherwise provided by the company.

The following rights are hereby granted, to any person (hereinafter referred to as “The Client”) obtaining paid service(s) from Muttbox (hereinafter referred to as “The Company”) and/or any associated parties acting under the Muttbox name.

These rights include, but do not limit to;
– Non-commercial reproduction. A client is permitted to reproduce, with accreditation, only in circumstances were no financial gain is sought.
– The right to edit. A client is permitted to edit the media in any way they see fit, provided original copyrights/watermarks or other identifying features present are left untouched.

– Clients are not permitted to upload media by the company to any site, derivation of site or partnered venture listed in the “Prohibited services” portion of this document.
– Clients are not permitted to upload media to any stock, royalty free service or other media venture, (such as, but not limited to; Pond5, Shutterstock, 123rf et al.) where they may be sold.

In accordance with UK Copyright Notice “1/2014”, Ownership and the copyright of media producted under the company, or by persons acting on behalf of the company, will remain that of the company. Copyright unless explicitly written and confirmed to be otherwise, is not transfered to the client or any other party.

Failure to adhere to any section of this license, by any party, will terminate any working relationship between the company and the aforementioned party.
In the case of media appearing on Prohibited service sites, the site will be issued with a takedown notice, of which they have a grace period of 72 hours in which to remove the articles.

Prohibited Services
The following sites are to be listed as “Prohibited” and the company requests in accordance with this license, that media is not uploaded to them. Doing so constitutes a violation of the license.
– (Or other sites, ventures or media owned by “Scritch Limited” UK Company: 11573908)
– (or any derivation thereof)

For all contact in relation to this document, please email [email protected]